Meeting of the Minds: ReMaking high school classrooms

Traditional classrooms have fallen out of favor across America. Educators, students, parents, and administrators all know there is SOMETHING that must be done differently, but they are unsure of where to start & where to begin.

We have to


The #makered & maker education movement is an excellent place to start. There are many aspects to developing a Maker movement, whether that starts with your class, your students, or eventually your school. Incorporating the ideas of the Maker movement to a larger forum such as an entire school requires innovation on a wider-scale.

Here is an infographic I put together of why I think high schools should embrace the Maker movement along with predictions as to what a #MakerEd classroom, school, and student could be like. Take a look and give me your feedback!


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2 thoughts on “Meeting of the Minds: ReMaking high school classrooms

  1. Ben Rimes says:

    You deserve brownie points for this for using my favorite font 🙂 Seriously though, nice work targeting HS students with this!


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