Rethinking how we reward teachers

My work regarding a wicked problem of practice from the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Report concluded this week with me addressing the issue of rethinking how we reward teachers.signs-108062_640

I have spent a lot of time thinking about why I feel rewarded and so incredibly satisfied in the public school job that I have. The recommendations I have put forth in this paper are, to some extent, some of the recommendations my current employer has put into place. I know that many school districts are struggling with compensating and rewarding their hardworking employees. Therefore, I wanted to think about this wicked problem NOT through the lens of merit pay or increased compensation, but through more creative rewards that used technology to address this wicked problem.

First, I created an infographic of the wicked problem of rewarding teachers.

Next I put forth my recommendations for new ways to reward teachers in this white paper: Not Always About Money: How to rethink rewards for educators in the 21st century.

Please take a look at both of these and give me feedback. I look forward to hearing other people’s thoughts on this important topic!


Reward. Geralt. (2013). [Image file]. Retrieved from


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