Technology Needs Assessment

Before I could examine the wicked problem I chose in CEP 812 about rewarding teachers, I needed to assess the population of teachers I was working with as well as their levels of expertise and needs around technology. Knowing this information will help me direct my inquiry into how technology could be used to facilitate rewards for educators. Clicking HERE will contain a link to the survey I gave my staff as well as an analysis of the data they provided.

One thought on “Technology Needs Assessment

  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for sharing the results of your survey. I was particularly interested once I learned that you teach for a blended school, as that is my own situation as well. I thought it was interesting that although your teachers feel confident with technology overall, they are excited to continue this learning on a regular basis. How encouraging! I wonder if sometimes we avoid providing training or development simply because we think our teachers aren’t interested. A great reminder that assuming is never a good idea, and that negative attitudes toward professional growth are perhaps more a figment of our imaginations than we realize.

    Thanks again,


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