Embracing a bit of the Maker spirit

I consider myself tech-savvy & I also consider myself to be forward-thinking, but I will be completely honest in this posting that until I signed up for CEP 811 I had steered clear of the maker culture. It isn’t that I didn’t admire makers from afar, because I absolutely envied the spirit that I have seen from my students, colleagues, and conferences I have been to. I think a part of it was fear – you see, especially when it comes to technology, I have a tinker nature myself. I will spend more time than I have fiddling with editing photos, organizing the online layout of my curriculum, and preparing blog posts. I knew that the maker culture would suck me in…. and my first initial foray definitely did!

Using the web-based tool of Mozilla Popcorn was tricky at first. I watched and rewatched tutorials as well as remixed a couple from the site in order to see how subscribers made each component interact seamlessly. When I first started constructing my remix I thought I was just going to comment on what it meant to be a maker, but I started to think from the Dale Dougherty Ted Talk (http://www.ted.com/talks/dale_dougherty_we_are_makers.html) that the broader commentary of maker culture is the contrast of maker culture to the fears of technology.

There seems to be a pervading message in the media that technology is leading human beings into a toxic modern world. One in which we are doomed to live in isolation & die alone. However, all that I have read, seen, and experienced with the maker culture leads me to be believe that all is not lost. I also think that this class will give me a chance to activate the hidden maker within. Hopefully this message will also come across in the Mozilla Popcorn remix I made. I hope you enjoy it!


Remix Credits

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